The New Mysteries: Sophia's Dream

This is the fourth essay in a series focused upon the New Mysteries that are reemerging in the Western world in response to our growing need for their presence in our lives once again.

In these narratives, I have brought up the concept of 're-enchantment,' and I must admit that I like this term. I keep returning to it and not surprisingly, my thoughts and meditations have expanded into new directions in response.

As I have mentioned before, I feel that the re-enchantment of ourselves, as well as the re-enchantment of the world in which we live, will initially involve a discarding of anything that is no longer serving us or supporting us. This will include any of our belief systems that are outdated, outmoded, misleading, or outright false... political, economic, religious, or otherwise.

There is no question that as we approach that magical date of December 21, 2012, the potential end point of our current 26,000 year cycle of ages according to the long count calendar of the classical Maya culture, everything around us does seem to be changing... and ever more rapidly. It's almost as though everything is speeding up, much like a 'quickening' that is affecting many aspects of our lives.

The current unraveling of many of our cultural complexes may be part of the ending of the current cycle, and in my humble opinion, this reveals that the time has come for an upgrade... and at all levels, one that will include a turning toward that which will serve us and support us forever if we approach it with honor and respect.

I'm talking about our relationship with Nature... and 'forever' is a very long time.

Our Relationship with Nature

Whenever I cut a stalk of bananas from our groves here on our farm on Hawai'i Island, I am always aware that those bananas and I share 40% of our DNA in common... and so at those moments, I offer those banana trees my profound respect and my gratitude for providing me and my family with sustenance.

Lest this sound ‘preachy,' allow me to share that our great Hawaiian friend, the kahuna nui Hale Makua often observed that the foundation stone for Western Mind (the same as Colonial Mind) is dominion; by contrast, the foundation stone for Indigenous Mind is 'Respect.' This includes a profound and enduring reverence for everyone that we encounter in life as well as for the All-That-Is. In a mythic sense, this is 'Mother Nature,' none other than the Great Wisdom Goddess and Earth Mother 'Sophia' (pronounced SO-FAI-YAH following the Gnostics.)

The Great Goddess Reconsidered

The mystery schools of the ancient world revealed that the physical embodiment of the Goddess Sophia is and has always been our beautiful planet Earth herself that many today refer to as 'Gaia' following the teachings of the ancient Greeks as well as those of the mystic and scientist James Lovelock.

The Gnostics of the classical period revealed further that the Sophia's spiritual essence is, and has always been, the visible, milky white light with a voice and a vast intelligence with which authentic mystics have achieved communion across time. We're talking about that organic, misty radiance that possesses a god-like mind that may impart knowledge and guidance directly to us... if we are so honored.

Do you remember the story of the Biblical prophet Elijah finding himself in the presence of an angel of the Lord in the Ninth Century BC? He didn't see this being as a winged superhuman. He saw it as a white light, a brilliant radiance with a voice. That's her.

The Sophia was, is, and will forever be, the Great Planetary Mother Goddess of which all other goddesses are aspects. Sophia is the authentic transpersonal force or deity that infuses everything on our beautiful world (including ourselves) with life force. And since this force is like a river of energy that flows within and though everything, having a direct experience of it may transform us utterly, just as it did the prophets and mystics of the ancient world.

The mystery school of the past revealed that the Sophia is a vastly intelligent, sentient being who emerged from our galactic core (the pleroma) in the remote past and streamed out into the galactic arms of chaos (the kenoma) as a river of conscious light. According to her myth, the Sophia is actually the one who dreamed us–the Anthropos–and our beautiful world (Earth) into being. She one of the Aeons (EYE-ONS), those immortal, archetypal forces/beings who are emanations of the mysterious Source that the Gnostics called the Originator.

The Originator

Many have attempted to describe the Originator in different ways across time. Although some are inclined to worship it and label it as God, it is not a being with which we as humans can interact. It simply exists as a dimensional level of reality, and as such, it remains utterly remote, fathomless, unapproachable, and it will not respond to your prayers. It is the TAO, and I have come to think of it as a limitless, timeless field of living light loaded with unlimited potential and its own infinite intelligence. Some mystics have called it "The Great Central Sun" and as such, it just is. It does not create; it emanates, and it does so all the time. Everything in the universes that exists as "being" was emanated from it revealing that it is found within everything everywhere.

The Aeons themselves are emanations of it and they, as "beings," reside in our Galactic core revealing that the so-called black holes located at the center of each galaxy of stars may be portals into and out of the Source. Needless to say, there are uncountable trillions of galaxies, revealing the unimaginable immensity of the universes and putting humanity into perspective in our unimaginable smallness.

As one of the Aeons, the Sophia emanates through her Dreaming–the same processional matrix that the Australian Aborigines call the Dreamtime. It was through her dreaming that humanity and everything else on this life world took form.

Mother Nature

As we have indicated, the Sophia is Mother Nature, the life-giving and life-supporting Goddess who gives us everything she's got and never asks for anything in return. Since each of us resides in a body that is a manifestation of Nature, each of us at the physical level is an expression of her dreaming (a statement that suggests that our souls are not). Yet this reveals that when we abuse Nature or when we abuse each other, we abuse that great immortal Goddess herself.

With the systematic destruction of the great mystery schools of antiquity 1700 years ago, the knowledge of the functional place of humanity within the extraordinary dynamic of this life world was suppressed and then lost as the Great Goddess as well as Nature herself were progressively demonized by the salvationist ideology and redeemer complex of Christianity, backed by the might of the Roman military machine as a direct result of the emperor Constantine's conversion in the 4th Century AD.

Any well-informed overview of the history of the past 1700 years reveals the extent to which we have strayed from the path of Sophia's Dreaming of who and what we are destined to become. In a sentence, humanity has fallen from our original state of grace into deep error through our greed and our denial, and through our ongoing preoccupation with unrestrained growth and development. Whether or not our erroneous behaviors, based in dominion, and what they have set into motion can be reversed and rectified remains to be seen.

The indigenous peoples know that Mother Nature/Sophia/Gaia does not make compromises, nor does she have the slightest interest in the corporate businessman's profit margin, the religious zealots' extremist belief systems, the politicians' power agendas, or the lobbyists' special interest groups.

This truth reveals that our politicians and our developers, our bankers and our lawyers, must now rethink their priorities, and very quickly. It was revealed a decade ago in a manifesto published by our prestigious National Academy of Sciences that if we continue to do business as usual, the continued existence of the human species Homo sapiens on this beautiful planet may become untenable.

This is why 2013 is so important.

The New Direction

In opposition to humanity's current self-serving and self-destructive dominator scenarios, our re-involvement with the Mysteries encourages a return to the Nature-focused spirituality of our ancestors, one that will, in turn, enable a whole new level of connection with the Great Mystery of Life itself... and with the goddess Sophia.

In our SharedWisdom training workshops and in my mystical books, we explore what's possible in this regard through shamanic journeywork, an ancient form of meditation that may enable each of us to re-achieve connection with the Sophia through our dreaming while awake. Once in relationship again, each of us may then receive revelations directly from our inner sources of wisdom and power, one of which is the Planetary Mother, without the intercession of any organized religion or priesthood.

The awareness that we can achieve this direct transformational experience of the sacred central intelligence of our planet stands at the epicenter of the New Mysteries. It is an integral part of the re-enchantment of ourselves as well as the re-enchantment of Nature, one that may convey to us the knowledge as well as the certainty of our ecological niche within Sophia's Dream. This alone will reveal to us the shape and direction of our destiny as souls traveling across eternity.

So when you make your next shamanic journey into your sacred garden, be aware that you can connect with the Sophia Herself, and knowing this, it is our suggestion that you turn your attention toward her and express your profound gratitude to her for your Life here on her beautiful world... and offer her your Aloha.

Thank you. This connection between the indigenous worldview and early "civil"-ized expression doesn't get much discussion, at least not in popular settings. It's great to have the missing link put into its place here. You offer a way to link as well the sometimes opposing (by our own limited vision) perspectives of the "shamanic" and "spiritual" paths as they are currently showing up... and it works! Great, informative, revelatory piece.

The anima mundi, the World Soul, aka Sophia - SHE who ensouls the universe even so-called dead matter is worthy of our deepest attention.

Marian visitations herald Her concerns for our world is another way to look at it as do UFOs and other paranormal phenomena.

If CERN opens wormholes on 11/9 we are going to be fragmented, sent to all different times and places. Don't mean to be an alarmist but we do approach a dangerous "moment".

This is not well known, but on his deathbed Carl Jung had a vision. He shared it with a long time co-worker Marie Louise von Franz. Jung was very concerned about the course mankind was on and would say, "Not by Nature but by the genius of Mankind" we will be destroyed.

Jung on his death bed (1961) had a vision. He left a drawing with a line going up and down with von Franz. He said it was the last fifty years of humanity (2011 seems meant). Then, a time of catastrophe.

He saw that great swaths of the planet were destroyed. Two-thirds of humanity wiped out.

He hoped the survivors might just squeak around the corner, the bottleneck such a destruction would cause. Not a pretty sight.

Lovely, Hank! A new clarify and phrasing that more people can hold onto!

One small aside . . . for me, in retrospect, and from an ecological standpoint, a growth culture (as after a forest fire) operates always on opposite coordinates from a stable society. But IS a vital and to-be-respected (sigh!) part of natural process. Thank goodness that growth, cheap-energy period is at an end and shift in values and everything coming (see my "Sharing Smaller Pies, 1974).

But importantly, to me, the mental, "conscious", literate, rational world has developed some valuable new tools. We've been a powerful engine without brakes, steering, and a map of where we want to go. What I see emerging (at best) is holding that lightly, directed by and rooted in our universal consciousness. Not going back to just the "absorbed-part-of-nature", but something new and beautiful and unprecedented.

"Once in relationship again, each of us may then receive revelations directly from our inner sources of wisdom and power..."
Thank you for all you and yours are doing to help us all re-member Our New Mysteries!


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