Newsletter #1: SharedWisdom Aloha

Dear Friend,

First of all, our gratitude with magnitude to you for signing up for our newsletter. A periodic e-newsletter will allow us to extend our reach outward to you and others in a way that is both more immediate and sustaining. So to welcome you, here are a few thoughts from us both...

Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall

Photo by: Pauline Allen


If you have read the Spiritwalker Trilogy, then you are aware of our relationship with a sacred stone... an object of great power that came into our lives in 1987. This occurred on The Big Island of Hawai'i through the visionary pipeline established between Hank and his descendent Nainoa, who lives far away in the future.
In fact, we are much aware that the akua (spirit) living in this stone may well have facilitated this connection in the first place.

This pohaku (Hawaiian for "stone") then became a moving force in all that transpired in our lives from that time onward, and those who have read Spiritwalker will remember that the stone agreed to accompany us out into the world, and that Hank, in turn agreed to convey it back to the island before his transition.

The pohaku has now returned and is happily watching all that transpires in our household in Honaunau on Hawai'i Island in a watchful way, periodically draped with maile leis and graced with flowers from the garden. One might even say that the stone has become a guardian - through fire and water initiations.

In November a year ago, we had a really big cyclonic storm come into the island off the southern ocean, and in the ensuing torrential downpours (seven inches in four hours) we lost most of our 125 coffee trees as well as much of our topsoil. But the house was untouched... so the stone continues to be instrumental in the direction, challenges and graceful passages of our lives.

But the stone... we mention this because many of the participants in our workshops used to ask us to report in when the stone returned to the island. They asked because they knew that the collapse of the Western world couldn't happen while the stone was still in California . Hmmmm....


We have now been back on-island for roughly 18 months and we are in the (slow) process of converting our former one acre farm into terraced gardens devoted to food production. If you think one acre is small, let us share that keeping up with the weeding on this lovely piece of land in the tropics is a hero's quest, and we are gonna be able to grow a lot of food on this land.

There is a growing activist community of farmers devoted to creating agricultural sustainability on our island. We are meeting these good folks and are slowly getting to know them. Our goal is to become self-sufficient and sustainable, so that we can eat off our land, with surplus to share with our neighbors, friends and co-conspirators.

Jill's "kitchen" garden has created a great space for production and learning. Several farm tours, tropical gardening classes and indigenous plant acquisitions have expanded our knowledge and dirtied our hands. Our heads and hearts love it.


In the midst of all this, we are still traveling to the mainlands, almost a dozen times each year, to offer our Visionseeker shamanic training workshops at various centers around the country. Many have called these gatherings life-changing, and it is gratifying to meet up with former participants who repeat a workshop years later to sharpen the sword of their visionary abilities and who continue to be in service to their community of family and friends.

Jill's practice in soul retrieval continues.... mostly at-a-distance sessions with a broadening clientele internationally. She does have consultation space at the Honaunau Healing Arts Center, located in South Kona. The surrounding nature is extraordinary and many a session includes the presence of geckos and the punctuation of roosters crowing.


Also... Many people over the years encouraged us to capture the material we teach through recordings. We have, with pleasure, created a 6 CD box set, The Spiritwalker Teachings: Journeys for the Modern Mystic, and it is now available on our website.
The CDs include many stories and teachings, with eight experiential shamanic journeys, and the 6th CD is a new recording of Hank's shamanic drumming and rattling for journeywork. These teachings are valuable, as those of you who have worked with them will remember, and for newcomers, they will provide a firm foundation on which to begin and enhance your visionary practice. The box set ships through Amazon and can also be sent internationally...Just click the link below to find out more info about our newest product to assist your shamanic work...

All for now... a hui hou (Hawaiian for 'until the next time')

Hank and Jill


The Spiritwalker Teachings-Journeys for the Modern Mystic

6-CD Box Set