Science, Religion, Spirituality And The Supernatural

Those who have read my books and essays about my encounters with ‘the supernatural’ on the shaman’s path may at times find it difficult to reconcile these accounts with what we have been taught about the world by our parents and friends, teachers and religious authorities. 

Science and Spirituality

In thinking about this, I might add that it is currently impossible for Western science to seriously consider the experiences I have shared with you the reader as real, let alone investigate or even validate them. 

I could also observe as a practicing scientist that science has never been able to demonstrate that the way shamans explain reality is wrong, nor has it been able to reveal that there is anything faulty or illogical about the shamans’ worldview. In other words, science has been unable to invalidate the shamanic perspectives about the nature of reality—a worldview that is remarkably consistent, from culture to culture, and held by virtually all the peoples of the planet. 

In support of this, the writer Graham Hancock has observed in his seminal book “Supernatural” that the materialist paradigm, upon which all the progress and achievements of Western technology have been built, could very likely face catastrophic implosion if the shamans were ever proved to be right. 

The researcher Dr. Rick Strassman has put it this way in his book “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”: ‘(The shaman’s) worlds are usually invisible to us and our instruments and are not accessible using our normal state of consciousness. However, just as likely as the theory that these worlds exist ’only in our minds’ is that they are, in reality, outside us and freestanding. (This implies that) if we simply change our brain’s receiving abilities, we can comprehend them and interact with them.’

Parallel Dimensions

As one who has walked the shaman’s path for 28 years, it has been my experience that these separate, freestanding realities do indeed exist separate from us, and that they may be the parallel dimensions that quantum physics predicts. Like Hancock and many others who have had direct experiences of them, my feeling (like theirs’) is that these other worlds vibrate at a different frequency from our own and are thus invisible to us except in altered states of consciousness. 

Furthermore, shamans all over the world proclaim with their considerable authority that these other realities are inhabited by intelligent beings who have had an active interest in us for a very long time. These beings get involved in human affairs most often as spirit helpers and teachers and include the animal spirits, plant spirits, elementals, the faerie folk and more recently the aliens. They also include the Higher Organizing Intelligences including our own Higher Self or Oversoul as well as what many call the Angelic Forces that include our Oversoul’s teacher, our Guide (with a big G). 

One of the key functions performed by these beings has traditionally been to provide humans with the experience of initiations of various kinds, some of which can be quite challenging. They have also been involved since our beginnings with the transference of knowledge to those spiritual seekers who are deemed ready to receive it. 

Spirituality and Religion

Given the importance of religion to virtually all people everywhere, the evidence from archeology and cultural anthropology suggests overwhelmingly that our all of religious beliefs rest upon a foundation of supernatural encounters that were experienced by powerful and charismatic prophets in the past who were shamans in every sense. They, like shamans everywhere, then communicated what they had seen and learned to members of their communities. 

Although their shared revelations crystallized quickly into religious dogmas as they were passed from generation to generation, it is clear (reading the Old Testament for example, or the Egyptian Book of the Dead) that these visionary experiences were not simply conjured up in someone’s creative imagination, nor were they arrived at through scholarly study or deliberately devised to assuage human needs. 

Furthermore it is clear that their paranormal experiences were enabled by altered states of consciousness that have been part of human history and prehistory stretching back to the dawn of human awareness—experiences often facilitated by tantra, intense meditation in combination with drumming or rattling (as in our training workshops), trauma, and entheogens. 

Now turning toward our organized religious traditions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam, it can be observed that the original visionary experiences and revelations of their founders are now far back in the dimly remembered past. Since then, history has documented how the bureaucratized priesthoods distorted, censored and rewrote the original teachings and revelations of their religion’s founders to suit their own political agendas. 

In our world of today, our priests and rabbis and imams now present themselves to us as the exclusive intermediaries between our communities and the supernatural, yet with rare exceptions, most possess no visionary abilities themselves. In fact, most of them are no more likely than the members of their communities to encounter the spirits and the transpersonal worlds. 

Rather these priests rigidly adhere to scripture and teach what they themselves have been taught by other non-visionaries who relied on scripture. This reveals that almost without exception, those who direct and control our organized religions today will never convey any new supernatural experiences of their own to enhance and refresh the original revelations of their religion’s founders. 

Strong words?  Perhaps… and yet Graham Hancock has called this one of the great tragedies of the modern world—that the spiritually blind have for so long been allowed to mislead the spiritually blind about the very experiences and revelations that gave rise to our religious traditions in the first place. 

Hancock adds that our so-called ‘paranormal’ abilities, utilized for so long by our indigenous ancestors with reverence and caution to explore and learn from the hidden worlds and their inhabitants, were intentionally diverted by our priestly bureaucrats into the various spiritual dead ends of the ‘ecclesia’ where everything is dogma, endlessly repeated, where almost no one has first hand experiences of the transpersonal realms any more… and where nothing new may be discovered and learned. 

The ability to have the direct transpersonal experience of the sacred realms is one of our birthrights… and by equipping us with this birthright, evolution has offered us a truly great gift through which we may bypass all the fears and blocks inserted into us by our religious authorities at large, allowing us to access ‘the Dreaming’ once again for power and protection, for support and wisdom, for healing and problem solving. 

There is no question today that by walking this path, each of us may have access to the full spectrum of human consciousness as well as to the multiple realities available to us within the realm of ‘things hidden.’ The real spiritual truths are to be found there, waiting for us to discover them on the other side of the mirror.

More thoughts on this to come. 


Reading your blog and website is fascinating and delightful, i found it through Angela Tompson Smith a remoteviewing friend. I've not hought of my self as a shaman (in this lifetime) though people say some of what i do in psi reading and healing is shamanistic, the way i haven't considered myself a medium just because i talk with "dead people". My life has been made interesting and my awareness expanded by interactions and guidance with interdimensional mentors, elemental earth gardians, dancing healing - mostly it seems the teaching seems to be putting me to work . ha I think i might benifit by some of your training workshops. I was wondering if one could take the cosmology one at big sur without taking previous ones?

I think that jinn you interacted with made a lot of sense re religions gods ect. I met krishna once and he said not to get my panties in a bunch they are all just local gods and they can be of service if not considered Gods.

i found while visiting damanhur italy and egyptian museum in turin where they have brought many orignal statues, well being in the room with Sethmet was mind altering, i read later Robert Masters had a similar experience with her. I feel a strong connection with her. Have you met her?

Organizing intellligences holding the templete for manifesting here, calling themselves the old ones with immortal concern presented themselves to me some 30 plus yrs ago and said my apetures were opening to seek instruction and i was correct in thinking my job here was to work in service of evolution of consciousness. So i guess i'm still looking for more on the job training. In recent years i have studied Biogeometry from the vesica institute and remoteviewing for about 10 yrs. Do you think i would ber in over my head to attend the cosmology workshop? The few shamonnic type journeying ive experienced was ..well wow the last one involved an initiation where i was given a (really large sized one) a crows tongue.likei had to put it im my mouth! So i'd like to find uses fior it likely for translating ?

I will be continuing to read your site and i posted its link on Facebook. I am Fortune Faychild if youre ever over there.

Great piece, Hank. Thanks for sharing. Your writings have done much to illuminate what I had sensed intuitively as a youth and that are increasingly apparent as the trappings of modern dogma and paradigms slip away. It is truly encouraging to know that there are many 'others' out there who share these views and are making the journey.

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