In Service to the Mystery

As the seasons turn and the light changes with the approach of Fall, we, like countless others, prepare to turn our outer focus toward an inner one ... a seasonal time of reflection, contemplation and reception of inner guidance. This is a good time for character refinement, doing the work needed to put our three souls—spiritual, mental, and physical—into Right Relationship.

And when we do, it is then that something beckons to us… and for many, the whisper of spirit takes the form of an inner call to be service. It comes through the gateway of our hearts where the indwelling light of our immortal spiritual soul resides.

We are living in a time of great changes, yet that inner messenger affirms that no matter what happens over the next several years, we'll be at our best if we are grounded and heart-centered.

Here are some thoughts about this from our great friend who is now in spirit, the Hawaiian elder, Hale Makua:

Makua’s Thoughts

"Know that when you find love within its pure form, you are not confined; you are not finite. When you have found that pure love, you have found your eternity. And in this eternity, the wind of the present moment offers all lessons.

"It is at this moment that we must decide whether the illusion that creates judgment is to be seen as appropriate. It is now that we are faced with a choice: whether to judge or whether to appreciate... whether to ask for service or whether to be an agent of infinite service.

"If we are able to let our love free to ride the wind of spirit, we are always following the blueprint that we have laid out for our own soul's growth. Know that this is the density wherein we make decisions about the nature of everything, including all those about us, and of necessity, ourselves.

"Within the understanding that comes to us in response, we can then choose how we shall serve that Mystery that created us and the 'all that is'..."

The Ancestral Grand Plan

Drawing upon the power and wisdom of Makua’s thoughts, each of us would do well to meditate upon the question: ‘Just how are we to be of service to the Great Mystery and what form will it take?’

In Hank’s book The Bowl of Light, Makua lays out a foundation upon which the next great cycle of ages may be built… or not… depending on the decisions that each of us makes in the here and now. Here are some of his thoughts for our consideration.

“From the perspective of those of us who have moved into the spiritual hierarchy, the plan of the ancestors involves creating those circumstances that will raise and expand the consciousness of humankind. These circumstances alone will produce the betterment of the individual, the family, the culture, and the environment, accompanied by a continuing, unfolding spiritual recognition.

Stages of the Plan

“The first stage is the expansion of each individual’s horizons of thought as well as the increasing and strengthening of our spirituality, our self-assurance, and our knowledge at all levels.

“The second is to more closely link all our spiritual elders with each other, with our family members, with our communities, and with the workers in the world. It’s about creating connection rather than separation. The time of separation is over.

“Once we step up to become members of the spiritual hierarchy, our responsibilities include discovering what it is that we are meant to bridge into this world. This is about each of us clarifying and refining the vision, for the vision itself permeates all of us, and it evolves and changes even as we grow and change ourselves. Nothing is set in stone, not scripture, not sutras, not ceremony.

The Three Levels of the Plan

“The first division is political in nature. The objective of the work at this level is to develop international links throughout the world through the vehicle of consciousness itself. The foundation for these links must be based in compassion—in aloha…

“The second could be called religious. The time has come to establish a comprehensive and universal understanding about the nature of reality and the nature of ourselves—spiritual, mental-emotional, and physical—a perspective that fosters the growth of our spiritual consciousness.

“The third involves the scientific, a new synthesis, a conjoining of the tangible and intangible levels of reality that bring science and spirituality together, enabling an extension of our sense and allowing us to access the hidden worlds that lie behind the veil of ignorance and matter.

In Service to the Mystery

It was Makua’s perception that each of us needs to consider what our piece of the action in this ancestral grand plan is… and it was his admonition that we need to do it right now…

His insights reveal that when each of us draws our attention, and by association, our vibration, to our heart… that this is where the wisdom of our ancestors lives, and that it is here that we will always be connected, for this is, and forever will be, the place of recognition…

And finally, the only way for us to succeed in a way that contributes to our own growth as well as to the greater good of our communities (and to the mystery itself) is to align ourselves with the positive polarity.

“In practice,” he said, “this involves our focused intentionality expressed through the vehicles of service, creation, persuasion, knowledge, expression, compassion and self-mastery.”

Mahalo old friend for your shared wisdom… Hank and Jill

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