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Building Community

We have been offering our five day Visionseeker shamanic training workshops around the country and abroad since 1995, and as some of you know, we also offer an advanced training program to deepen the Visionseeker experiences. 

Our goal has been to create highly trained and accomplished shamanic practitioners, as well as healers, so that all of us can better discover who we are and where we are, spiritually. The experiential programs also contribute to the greater good and help undo the centuries of misunderstanding and misinformation that have prevailed in the Western world during the past 500 years, regarding shamanic practitioners and their spiritual practice.

Many who have passed through all our workshops sometimes ask us 'What comes next? Is there a way to stay connected and continue to journey and grow?' We usually encourage them to make the work their own and to go out and practice and learn from their spirit helpers and teachers by simply doing it...

Yet the questions have persisted, and we have enjoyed staying in touch with as many of our former 'students' as possible, many of whom become accomplished shamanic practitioners and some of whom become teachers themselves. Some, of course, drift away... and this is just as it should be.

And there are those who seek mastery and community ... and so allow us to reveal another aspect to our work that was set into place by our great friend the Hawaiian kahuna, Hale Makua, before his passing in 2004. 

This has to do with weaving our visions together as we course our respective paths of discovery, as well as engage in what Makua called The Ancestral Grand Plan.

The Ancestral Grand Plan

Without discussing this in detail here, we can quote Makua as having said (in his own words): 

The great plan was set into motion millennia ago by the ancestors, and it represents as much of the divine purpose as can be brought into expression upon this planet at any one time. The one thing that humanity needs today is the realization that there IS an ancestral grand plan that is definitely working out through all the world's happenings, as well as through all that has happened in humanity's historical past.

From the perspective of the average person who thinks in terms of earthly happiness, the plan should be something joyful as well as something that makes material life easier. Yet from the perspective of those of us who have moved into the spiritual hierarchy, the plan of the ancestors involves engaging in those circumstances that will raise and expand the consciousness of humankind and enable them to discover the spiritual values so that they can make the needed changes to their own character of their own free will. This alone will produce the betterment of the individual, the family, the culture and the environment, accompanied by unfolding spiritual recognition.

The wonder and immensity of the drama unfolding in the Universe is proof of its reality, and our individual grasp of it, though small, is a guarantee of our personal divinity. The vision itself, and by association, the Ancestral Grand Plan, cannot be appropriated by any one group or culture. It lies ever ahead of each aspirant and member of the spiritual hierarchy as an evolutionary stairway.

This plan, this experience, is about initiation. And what does initiation mean? At the baseline, it means becoming more conscious and better able to participate in what is coming into being.

The SharedWisdom Circle

We have decided, upon the advice of elder Makua, to create a circle, a membership forum in which former students may remain in closer contact with us and with each other, following the tenets of the Ancestral Grand Plan.

This will be a membership circle through which we further teaching and sharing, along with monthly journeys. We also intend to reveal ever deeper levels of the plan, as well as what our roles, individually and collectively, may be. By doing so, it is our intention to encourage and support those who are inwardly called and genuinely inspired to join us in this great endeavor.

It is also our intention to create a forum of ongoing communication between members of the circle, sharing dreams, visions and journeys, as well as  discoveries on the path of direct revelation. 

The technical details are currently being worked out, and the format is being created. Stay tuned for the official opening of this portion of the website by signing up for our enewsletter, if you have not already.

The SharedWisdom Circle will create an entirely new venue in which we can stay connected and be of service to one another ... and this is a good thing.