The Law of Polarity

Periodically we sit at the breakfast table and discuss portions of our workshop teachings. This is one of the benefits of Hank’s extended periods at home in the winter months. One of us will mention an interesting topic, like the Law of Polarity, and we are off in multiple directions of discussion. On occasion we comment on how our discussions could be broadened in scope and might provide an interesting focus here for your consideration. Allow us to do so and also to draw on the teachings of many, including the kahunas Hale Kealohalani Makua and Daddy David Kaonohiokala Bray, to offer a few thoughts.

In Hank’s book The Bowl of Light, Makua discusses the polarities with relation to the life roles that we all play. We live in a dual universe and all of life is an expression of positive and negative polarities. This is not positive and negative as in right and wrong or good and bad although it can be. It’s more like electricity. The positive works through the energetic/spiritual and the negative through the earthly/physical. Yet there is a spin.

With regard to the life roles, for the warriors among us the negative polarity is about coercion and the positive about persuasion. For the chiefs, the positive is about mastery and the negative about tyranny. For the priest/shaman/healer the positive is about compassion, the negative about zeal. For the server the positive is about service, the negative about bondage (slavery). This and more is discussed in some detail in The Bowl of Light.

Spiritual seekers must integrate these two polarities of energetic/spiritual on the one hand, and matter/body on the other and allow them to combine to create harmony in our life experiences. This cannot be accomplished solely through seeking power or through relying on religious belief systems, but rather by discovering and working with the positive and negative sides of our own character.

For example, if aloha (love) is in the positive polarity, what is the negative? Hate? Fear? Anger? No… according to Makua the negative pole of aloha is attraction. In the interplay between the two, attraction brings us together… so we can then create aloha. Yet even attraction has a positive and a negative pole—the positive being acceptance (you agree to play the game) and the negative is rejection.

As we have often observed, authentic initiation requires that we achieve true self-knowledge. We have to know who we are because this is the only sure way of aligning oneself with the higher organizing intelligences in the Upper Worlds who serve the Source as well as humanity.

This is the only proven path away from illusion and toward reality, from fear to love, from bondage and attachment to being of service. There is a chapter on being of service in The Re-Enchantment. There are also discussions of the Mysterious Source that the gnostics called “The Originator.”

Balance between the two polarities must be met because the nature of the contact between an embodied soul (human) and a spirit depends on the level of consciousness of the human. Like attracts like and discrimination is essential in determining what sort of spirit is contacted. Not all spirits are helpers, nor are all spirits healers.

From the kahuna perspective, the negative polarity has its source within the earthly elements/the physical body soul, with nature mysticism and the dreaming of nature in the Lower Worlds and Middle Worlds as gateways.

The positive works through our spiritual immortal oversoul, the higher self in the Upper Worlds, with the window between us here and us there lying within the realm of deity mysticism. Both will be explored in the new book.

Interestingly, Makua mentioned often that the experience of the earthly plane is about friction… and this includes friction between the two polarities because this friction is generative and has created the world in which we live. Once again, allow us to affirm that the negative polarity is not necessarily bad, although it can be. But this is where we often learn our lessons.

The positive polarity thus has its source beyond the normal conditions of human life—through connection with the dreaming of our oversoul and those of the higher organizing intelligences. With the wise intuitive guidance of these god-like beings, we learn to distinguish between the two polarities and by choosing the positive, we work toward the growth of our own character. We have been doing this lifetime after lifetime.

Yet this also reveals that we cannot deny the negative within ourselves nor can we ignore our own base impulses without descending into denial and ignorance. For those who work as healers, we cannot be of service to those who are sick because of their own base impulses unless we ourselves have been there and dealt with that.

Understanding this, we have to accept that no level of life experience is to be hidden from us, both the highest and most exalted to the lowest and most debased, because it is only through such experiences that self-mastery can be achieved.

Now… the negative forces tend to produce unreal love and attachment to the senses which attract the lowest earthbound energies including lust and the craving for pleasure, the search for wealth, self-gain and attention, the manipulation of others, and the attraction for things that create greed, selfishness, envy, hate, and jealousy.

Fear is the source of all such negative forces, yet we must not strive to suppress these negative earthly experiences and emotions but rather to understand them and why we cling to them. Through achieving this understanding, the negative polarity is mastered and its power may then be transmuted by choosing the positive.

The positive forces include humility, patience, perseverance, tolerance, kindness, generosity, self-control, and the ability to remain settled in response to loss and failure. These forces include acceptance of those whose beliefs differ from our own and the ability to remain calm in the face of adversity. They are to be understood. No judgment. The source of all the positive forces is love.

Through direct experience, we come to understand that the balance between these two polarities is ever-shifting depending on circumstance and personal motivation. Too much emphasis on the earthly/physical or on the heavenly/spiritual can unbalance us, and as Makua said long ago, the further we advance along the path of power and illumined understanding, the greater our vulnerability to the flaws in our own character.

When the positive and negative polarities are in balance, we are truly alive and aware and our inner light is enhanced. The heart then becomes the connecting link between us and the universal life-force emanated by the Originator that breathes wonder into our world. Our ongoing connection with this source of power can then manifest in a life of service guided by authentic spirit vision and true healing energy.

Aloha Hank and Jill, thank you for great new article! Always helpful and right on time.
Sending my love!

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