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Jill Kuykendall, a physical therapist, has been of service within the standard Western medical paradigm for over 30 years, often in an advisory role to bring trans-personal medicine and its practices into the health care community of practitioners and patients. She is co-founder and primary event planner for SharedWisdom LLC, an educational and consultation service established to foster shamanic principles, practices, and circles.

Jill's specialty work is soul retrieval, a healing modality to achieve the restoration and reunion of dissociated aspects of a person's life essence. For the indigenous peoples of the world, it is generally understood that traumatic life experiences can result in the fragmentation of our inner, vital essence or soul. The subsequent loss or disassociation of these parts of the self often results in a phenomenon generally known as 'soul loss'.

Among the traditional peoples, those trans-personal healers who specialize in soul retrieval work are aided and assisted by their spirit allies, tracking the lost soul parts, finding them, and returning them to the person who has lost them, restoring the individual's soul to its original, undistorted state. In the process, the person's vital essence returns as well, an experience that they frequently experience as life-changing. This is ultimately accomplished with the willing participation of the client in creating a sincere call for this work, as well as the integrating of their soul parts back into their overall vital essence.

Jill is the co-author of SPIRIT MEDICINE: HEALING IN THE SACRED REALMS with her husband, Hank Wesselman (Hay House, 2004). She is a proponent and prior facilitator of women's drumming circles for personal growth, empowerment, and community development.

She is currently living and farming in South Kona, Hawaii Island in alignment with The Trees That Feed Foundation. Please note: Jill's soul retrieval practice is currently on hiatus while attending to her sustainable life way endeavors.


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